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ICN2 Thesis Defence - Bhawna Nagar 
Tuesday, 07 May 2019, 11:00
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PhD:Bhawna Nagar

Director: CSIC Research Professor Pedro Gómez-Romero, Novel Energy-Oriented Materials Group Leader, and ICREA Research Prof. Arben Merkoçi, Nanobioelectronics and Biosensors Group Leader at ICN2.

Printed graphene for energy storage and sensing applications


Focus of this thesis has been the design and preparation of flexible graphene-based electrodes and their printing using different techniques for applications in energy storage (specifically supercapacitors) and electrochemical sensing devices. Different strategies have been employed keeping in mind the end application and accordingly graphene or its hybrids were prepared using different synthetic routes along with careful selection of the available printing techniques as well as the substrates. Suitable inks were formulated and tested for each technique with optimization of the printing parameters in order to obtain reproducible films and hence reproducible device fabrication has been the focus. The main printing/coating techniques used in this Thesis are Doctor blade coating, Inkjet printing, screen printing and wax stamping technique. The project therefore involved a very important part of synthesis and characterization of graphene and derivatives, formulation of inks and finally device integration and testing..

Location ICN2 Seminar Hall, ICN2 Building, UAB
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