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Toward 4D Nanoprinting 
Thursday, 04 January 2018, 12:00
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Dr Carlos Carbonell - Postdoctoral Associate Nanoscience Initiative, CUNY Advanced Science Research Center, New York, USA

Toward 4D Nanoprinting

Short abstract:

Biointerfaces direct some of the most complex biological events, including cell differentiation, hierarchical organization, and disease progression, or are responsible for the remarkable optical, electronic, and biological behavior of natural materials. Chemical information encoded within the 4D nanostructure of biointerfaces – comprised of the three Cartesian coordinates (x , y, z), and chemical composition of each molecule within a given volume – dominates their interfacial properties.

As such, there is a strong interest in creating printing platforms that can emulate the 4D nanostructure – including both the chemical composition and architectural complexity – of bionterfaces. Current nanolithography technologies are unable to recreate 4D nanostructure with the chemical or architectural complexity of their biological counterparts because of their inability to position organic molecules in three dimensions and with sub-1 micrometer resolution. Achieving this level of control over interfacial structure requires transformational advances in three complementary research disciplines: (i) The scope of organic reactions that can be successfully carried out on surfaces must be increased, (ii) lithography tools are needed that are capable of positioning soft organic and biologically active materials with sub-1 micrometer resolution over feature diameter, feature-to-feature spacing, and height, and (iii) new tools and techniques for characterizing the 4D structure of interfaces should be developed and validated. Through the combination of tip-based lithography, microfluidics and photochemical reactions, a new strategy toward 4D nanoprinting is presented.

Location ICN2 Seminar Room
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