”la Caixa” Postdoctoral Fellowships Programme Junior Leader

ICN2 applications from researchers at the postdoctoral level are always welcome. Applications through“la Caixa" Foundation Junior Leader postdoctoral fellowships programme are a good opportunity to join ICN2 as Postdoctoral Researcher: 33 postdoctoral...

Postdoctoral Researcher-Graphene Energy Storage

ICN2 is a renowned research centre. Its research lines focus on the newly discovered physical and chemical properties that arise from the behaviour of matter at the nanoscale. The Institute promotes...

Thesis at Grup de Transductors Químics (GTQ)

Thesis at Grup de Transductors Químics (GTQ)

Wearable (bio)sensors This research work is part of a Swiss project aiming to develop wearable biosensors for measuring sweat biomarkers during sportive practice (WeCare: Cognitive-MultisensingWearable Sweat Biomonitoring Technology for Real-Time Personalized...

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