Scientific Writer and Communication Officer

Description of the Department: The Marketing and Communication Department is a lively team that has the privilege to be part of the dissemination process of an exciting and growing knowledge...

Competitive Funding Officer (ICN2)

Description of Group/Project: The Competitive Funding Department is devoted to support the researchers in managing competitive funds for research in compliance with the terms, conditions and requirements of the funding...

Jornada Pre-llançament de la missió BepiColombo a Mercuri

Jornada Pre-llançament de la missió BepiColombo a Mercuri

Divendres dia 19 l'Arturo Fernández, antic estudiant i actual cap del "Power Management and Distribution Section" (TEC-EPM) de l'ESA, farà una xerrada a la Sala d'Actes "Pepe Millán" de l'Institut...

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